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Thanks for your interest in our HubSpot User Group! Join our chapter to be notified of our upcoming HUGs. 

This is a new HubSpot user group (HUG) for HubSpot members across Australia and New Zealand, led by HubSpot Diamond Partner Concentrate. The HUG is designed for B2B technology companies and how they can best leverage their HubSpot platform for growth.

We regularly hold events that help HubSpotters share and learn more about the platform.

We value connection within the wider digital technology industry and believe a community grows when we all come together. It's important to share experiences, skills, and knowledge within the HubSpot User Group so everyone can grow collectively. 

To learn more about HubSpot's inbound marketing and B2B sales, attend our next HUG, network, and share your experiences as a digital marketer with us. 

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.