Panel: Using creativity to fuel your inbound marketing strategy

Thursday, September 29, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 PM UTC

In this session, our panel of creative experts discusses how creativity fuels successful inbound marketing. We get into the importance of creativity in creating brand resonance, the current state of creativity in B2B marketing, what to look for in a creative consultancy and more.

About this event

Effective creative in a business or marketing context is tricky to get right. It needs to balance strategy with imagination. It needs to have purpose. It needs to align with clearly defined objectives and offer a way to see if those objectives have been achieved. A key ingredient across all business functions, creativity is especially important for inbound marketing. This is because successful inbound marketing relies on messaging and visuals that stand out from the crowd. 

In this session, our panel of creative experts discusses how you can use creativity to effectively fuel your inbound marketing strategy.

We'll cover:

-The importance of creativity in branding

-The current state of creativity in B2B marketing

-Ways in which B2B brands can be more creative with their marketing

-How to choose the right creative consultancy for your business

-Case studies 


  • Malcolm King

    Huble Digital

    Head of Creative

  • Margaret Ady


    VP of Strategic Marketing Services

  • Anthony O' Connor

    Huble Digital

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Amy De Freitas

    Huble Digital

    Senior Digital Designer

  • Kyle de Villiers

    Huble Digital

    Senior Content Writer

  • Bradley Chowles

    Huble Digital

    Content Lead

  • Kobus Butler

    Huble Digital

    Lead UX Designer


  • Jenna Linley

    Huble Digital

    Head of Marketing