Operations Hub Live Demo and Q & A

Wed, Mar 23, 11:00 AM (EDT)

Operations Hub gives you a unified toolset that connects apps, cleans and curates customer data, and automates business processes under one central CRM platform. The result? An efficient, aligned, and adaptable business that delivers a friction-free customer experience.

About this event

Learn how to use Operations HUB to easily sync customer data, automate business processes with over 61 HubSpot-built integrations including some of the most-requested integrations: Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and more.

The problem is when companies grow and scale, teams invest in their own software and systems, and data is siloed. This causes a lack of insight, inefficiency, and fractured customer experience as each department tries to solve their own operations problems independently. 

Instead of building tech debt and decentralized operations teams across marketing, sales, and customer service, the solutions is to invest in a centralized approach to operations with a centralized toolset. With Operations Hub, you have the tools you need to connect all your apps, sync and clean your customer data, and automate business processes, turning operations into a strategic arm of your business--not a reactive one.