HubFans CMS Hackathon: Nonprofit Edition

Thu, Sep 29, 2022, 12:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

In partnership with Digital Reach Online Solutions, HubSpot will be hosting a LIVE CMS Hackathon for a nonprofit organization. During this two hour event, skilled developers will share fundamentals for building within HubSpot's free CMS tool, while marketers will offer little-known insights to optimize SEO and lead conversion, all while creating a great user experience.

Join the event and follow along as teams build a website live for REACH, Inc. a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy for children throughout Coastal Virginia through access and ownership of books.

During this Hackathon, we'll:

  • Build website pages, a landing page template and one blog post in a beautiful, easy-to-use marketplace template
  • Share tips and tricks to enhance website pages within the CMS for user experience and increased lead conversion
  • Highlight tools that ensure website, landing page, and blog pages meet the standards of today's SEO best practices
  • Discuss do's and don'ts of asset management: naming conventions, resolution, alt tags
  • Cover common mistakes when assessing security settings and granting admin access
  • Manage domain setup for a smooth go-live
... plus so much more!

This live, interactive event will inspire you to create a free website for your business or nonprofit by walking you through the simple interface and letting you in on expert insights. Join us for this exclusive live hackathon!