Inaugural RevOps HubSpot User Group Meeting

RevOps (US)
Tue, Apr 26, 1:00 PM (EDT)

Whether you’re an experienced revenue operations pro or want to learn what the buzz is all about, join the first meeting on April 26th at 1 pm Eastern to share experience, ask questions, and network with colleagues.

About this event

Welcome to the inaugural RevOps HUG online meeting! Join host Christopher Antonopoulos from Measured Results Marketing and Kyle Jepson of HubSpot to discuss all things RevOps, as well as network with your peers.

Why RevOps?

Over the past three years, companies have begun to consider adding a revenue operations (RevOps) function to their organization. The data is clear that RevOps will rev up company success:

  • 10-20% increase in sales productivity -Boston Consulting Group
  • Demand Gen Report states that 64% of buyers noted that one of the most important variables when evaluating vendors was a team that demonstrated knowledge of their company and had insights into their problems. This type of knowledge can only be gleaned from current and relevant data.
  • Searches for “Director of Revenue Operations” surpassed “Director of Sales Operations” on LinkedIn by 68% -Forrester / Sirius Decisions
  • Public companies with revenue operations had 71% higher stock performance -Forrester / Sirius Decisions
  • 30% reduction in costs for Go to Market -Boston Consulting Group

But how does it work? Join the Inaugural RevOps HUG online meeting to ask (or answer) questions like:

  • How does this discipline vary from sales ops, marketing ops, and service ops?
  • What specific skills do RevOps professionals need?
  • How to setup HubSpot to track you RevOps metrics?
  • What are the main organizational challenges that a RevOps professional addresses?
  • How to measure results and progress through HubSpot?
  • And more…

Already a RevOps wizard? Share your expertise and experience with the group.

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  • Jill Sidoti

    Jill Sidoti

    Measured Results Marketing



Tuesday, Apr 26
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)


  • Christopher Antonopoulos

    Christopher Antonopoulos

    Measured Results Marketing

    CEO & Founder

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  • Kyle Jepson

    Kyle Jepson


    Senior Inbound Sales Professor

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  • Meg Robinson

    Meg Robinson