Erlend Førsund

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About Me

In 2015 HubSpot asked us if we wanted to start a HUG in Oslo, an opportunity we seized there and then. It has been an incredible journey. I have gotten to know many new people who also appreciate HubSpot and inbound, and that is a tribe that is growing swiftly! I love the way HubSpot has evolved into a full-fledged CRM platform for modern businesses. On the personal side, June and I got married in 2006. We have three kids together, a cat and two cockatiels. Spare time is scarce, but I enjoy running and exercising. I play the guitar and sing. I have 8+ years of experience as marketing manager, 18+ years of experience from B2B companies, on both sides of the table (agency/client). As Head of Marketing at MarkedsPartner I helped grow our organic traffic by 14X in the course of 4 years. Our inbound marketing initiatives included three corporate blogs where our SMEs published thought leadership content on a weekly basis. In March 2020 I transitioned to an advisory role, where I help companies create and implement successful content strategies for the entire customer journey.