Mark Parent

Automation · Advertising · guitar · pizza

About Me

Mark Parent is the President and Chief Strategist at Inbound 281. He lives and breathes HubSpot. At Inbound 281, Mark is responsible for creating leading-edge growth strategies for Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. Mark’s greatest attribute is his ability to analyze a company’s current marketing and sales strengths and weaknesses, and then build a proper strategy and game plan based on the customer goals and needs. For 25 years, Mark has been at the forefront of marketing and sales technologies, and for the past 10 years leveraging HubSpot automation. Mark is a thought leader and gives back to the marketing community. He is a HubSpot Certified Trainer and leader of the Detroit HubSpot Users Group. He leads the mission to educate members and local marketers and sales on current marketing trends, technologies, tactics and best practices. Mark is blessed with a wonderful wife Sue and three kids (empty nesters finally). He loves to play guitar, make homemade pizza and artesian bread. Mark's tip: If you make enough bad pizzas you will eventually make good tasting pizza!