Siri Enoksen

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About Me

I joined the lovely HubSpot community in 2019 and have been co-hosting HUGs both virtually and physically (can you even imagine?). What I cherish most about HUGs are the networking with other HubSpot enthusiast and learning more about HubSpot as whole, through someone else's eyes and experiences to make the every day worklife a little easier. For me as a Digital Marketer, who uses HubSpot every single day, these meetups are essential for me to keep up-to-date, and also allows me to be hands-on on everything new that happens within the different tools of HubSpot. THAT is very exciting. I have a Bachelor's Degree in International Communication and have been working at MarkedsPartner as a Digital Marketer since 2019. In my spare time, I love paddleboarding, skiing, western riding and a whole lot more. Please make sure you connect with me on LinkedIn so that we can stay in touch!