Rubina Carlson

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About Me

I've been told that I put the 'social' in social media! I love a good coffee, so am always happy to catch up with anyone to discuss their work challenges and brainstorm solutions. Feel free to PM me. Fun fact: I wear a fascinator every day (not just race days)! So if you're at an event, and you see a fascinator in the crowd, $10 says it's me under that fancy headwear. Be sure to say 'hello'! A digital marketing zealot, with a genuine passion for all things marketing and technology, I have more than ten years of digital marketing experience that spans a variety of industries including tourism and higher education. As the Digital Marketing Manager for Refuel Creative, I am responsible for developing and implementing effective digital marketing strategies for clients, and mentoring teammates in the office. I am also a social media specialist and an accomplished speaker. During my career, I have developed and delivered courses dedicated to social media. I have presented these at TAFE SA and the University of South Australia and shared her expertise as a speaker at a number of conferences on the subject.