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We are a community of HubSpot users interested in the technology, innovation, and opportunities surrounding web3. Topics that interest us include decentralization, control and ownership, scalability, privacy, security, tokenomics, DAOs, NFTs, and some of us even dabble in crypto :)

We will be exploring news from the world of web3, hosting guest experts, learning from each other, figuring out when and how to use HubSpot for our w3 endeavors, and having fun networking together. Our events will be virtual, so you can join us from anywhere. 

And...there is no experience required!
* Just curious? You are welcome to join us!
* Already know it all? We bet you will learn something new too!
* Want to present to the group? Reach out and let's discuss it.

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.