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As Dharmesh said in his announcements about HubSpot’s AI initiatives this past year, “AI is what we are all obsessed with. With the power of generative AI, we’ve seen that AI can do a lot of the tedious work and be incredibly disruptive. It has already started transforming marketing and sales.”

The question is: What is the immediate impact of these AI-driven initiatives and transformations throughout the HubSpot community? It is not surprising that sales & marketing leaders and team members have a lot of questions. As AI and automation continue to transform our industries, there are a lot of implications for companies, teams and executives. This HUG will address as many of these questions and topics as possible.

The AI and automation focus of this HUG is timely and mission-critical. We look forward to facilitating not just discussions, but also the exchanges of information and expertise related to AI in sales and marketing. We are very excited to coordinate events and connections to help provide HubSpot community members valuable resources and insights. 

Our coordinating team members -- from Mobileforce Software and Evenbound -- are looking forward to next steps and to connecting with you at one of our upcoming events.

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24 de jul. de 2024


3 Keys to Automating Your Sales Lead-to-Close Processes with HubSpot Today: It's Not 2012 Anymore

It's not 2012 anymore -- it's 2024, the age of Automation. Join Evenbound, Mobileforce, HubSpot and Chili Piper for this exclusive webinar to discuss three simple keys to optimizing -- and automating -- your Lead Management and Lead-to-Close processes with today's best practices. We'll discuss simple but powerful steps for streamlining your lead-to-close processes with real-world examples.

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Getting Started with HubSpot & AI: Building Automated Workflows & Using AI Tools Made Easy


Philip Levinson

HUG Leader Mobileforce Software

Kolby Hanson

HUG Leader Evenbound


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