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The Atlanta HubSpot User Group (HUG) is here to help you connect with other HubSpot users to share insights, ideas, questions, and suggestions via in-person and virtual meet-ups.

The Atlanta HUG is tailored for HubSpot users who are interested in advancing their marketing, sales, and services knowledge and skills.

Atlanta HUG presenters, participants, and hosts include experienced HubSpot Solutions Partners and top-performing HubSpot customers from within the Atlanta community and beyond. You can expect a mixture of education and interaction at each event to help you sharpen your HubSpot prowess and talk through your challenges with others.

Everyone gets smarter with each Atlanta HUG meet up, including you.

Past events


Looking to add some spark to your relationship with HubSpot?


Storytelling's Place in the Marketing Plan

Virtual Event

The HubSpotter's Guide to Call Tracking

Virtual Event

Little Known Secrets to Getting the Most out of HubSpot

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Billy Mitchell

HUG Leader
MLT Creative

Sonya Stoudemire

HUG team
MLT Creative

Allen Helms

Atlanta HUG Host - Organic Endeavors
Organic Endeavors


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