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Welcome to the DFW HubSpot User Group (HUG)!

🚀 Who Are We?

A vibrant community of HubSpot enthusiasts and users based in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Our mission is to help local businesses and professionals unlock the full potential of HubSpot, driving growth and enhancing operational efficiency through deep dives into its many features and capabilities.

🌐 What We Do:

Discover: Explore the latest HubSpot features and updates, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Connect: Foster meaningful connections with fellow HubSpot users in the DFW area. Share experiences, challenges, and success stories in a collaborative environment.

Drive Growth: Leverage collective wisdom to optimize your HubSpot experience, turning insights into action for measurable growth.

🎉 Why Join Us?

Exclusive Insights: Get firsthand knowledge of HubSpot’s evolving toolkit and how it can revolutionize your business processes.

Networking Opportunities: Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals passionate about CRM and inbound marketing strategies.

Empowerment: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to not just use HubSpot, but to master it, enhancing your business’s operational efficiency and marketing efforts.

📅 Meet-Ups:

We host regular events, including workshops, seminars, and casual meet-and-greets, both virtual and in-person, to accommodate our diverse membership.

Whether you’re a seasoned HubSpot veteran looking to share your expertise, or new to the platform and eager to learn, our group is the perfect place to grow your network, knowledge, and business.

Let’s make HubSpot work harder for us. Join the DFW HUG today and be part of a community that’s growing together, one click at a time!

Upcoming events

11 jun 2024


Dallas / Fort Worth HUG Kickoff: What's New in HubSpot and Q&A

Join the Dallas / Fort Worth HubSpot User Group (HUG) meet-up! This virtual gathering is your opportunity to explore HubSpot's latest features and get answers directly from seasoned experts.

9 jul 2024


HubSpot for Nonprofits: Maximizing Impact through Digital Excellence

Join our virtual event to explore the power of HubSpot in transforming nonprofit operations. Tailored for DFW area nonprofit leaders and HubSpot admins, this session will delve into effective strategies for enhancing your digital operations.


Michael D. Wilson

HUG Leader


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