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The goal of the Education NAM Hubspot User Group is to help EdTech and Education Fundraisers to sell better, and to sell more using your HubSpot tools and accompanying software. 

Join our chapter now to build community with those in the EdTech and Education space across North America. 

We'll meet quarterly to support and solve your exact EdTech selling challenges. The benefit of signing up for the group is that we'll prompt you to attend our roster of high value events, so you can set it in your calendar and get there at the right time. We'll also help you find recordings for sessions you've missed. 

The benefits of attending each webinar live is so that we can facilitate introductions for you and create pathways to solve your specific EdTech selling challenges.

We know that problem-solving and introductions can't happen on recordings. However, you can certainly learn at 2x speed by watching our recordings. For example, here's how to make more revenue from your next trade show, a previous HUG, so you can learn how to better use your HubSpot now. (If you need extra sets of hands to get that trade show system built - talk to our chapter host, Tangible Words who can get your HubSpot trade show process built in 30 days for you.)

The roster of upcoming events scheduled for this year is below so you can sign up for specific virtual events now. 

Between events you can connect with your EdTech community by:


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