April Adelaide event, HubSpot and Cradle: Simplifying Customer Communication

Thu, Apr 29, 11:00 AM (ACST)

About this event

We are pleased to bring you this HUG Event featuring Plats Loukoianov, Growth Leader at Cradle. He will be talking with us about the HubSpot <> Cradle integration and will explain how to incorporate it with your workflows and call metrics available.

Cradle is a cloud phone system allowing any team member to answer phone calls, make outbound calls, keep accurate records of your phone conversations, reduce response times and improve customer experience, plus keep your team connected wherever they are. 

This month we have invited Plats to share more with us about the Cradle <> HubSpot integration and explain how it could benefit your business every day. 

What you'll learn:

- How a cloud phone system is enabling the remote world

- Where this fits into the HubSpot tech stack

- How the integration improves business workflow and creates a better connection with customers

- How HubSpot's new call metrics are connected and how this helps to create a 360-degree view of the customer.

Join us to discover the power of the HubSpot <> Cradle integration. 


  • Plats Loukoianov

    Plats Loukoianov


    Growth Lead

    With a background in marketing, I'm deeply passionate about using tech and data to improve all elements of business. Having started and still doing both inbound & outbound sales for Cradle, I've seen first-hand how a HubSpot integrated phone can create a much smoother experience for the business and the customer, which makes me super excited to be involved in the future of communication!

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  • Rubina Carlson

    Rubina Carlson

    Refuel Creative

    Digital Marketing Manager

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