Data-driven decisions: Optimising your ad campaigns with HubSpot Analytics

Jul 24, 4:30 – 5:30 AM


Do you want to know a better way to track your ad campaign's performance? HubSpot is the answer.

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About this event

Do you find it hard to truly understand the performance of your ad campaigns? Do you want to find a better way to track the performance of your Google, LinkedIn and Meta ads? HubSpot is your ultimate solution.

Join us as we discuss how to utilise HubSpot to track the performance of various ad platforms. We'll show you ways to monitor your marketing performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for your ad campaigns.

Discover valuable strategies to enhance the performance of your ads and maximise your return on investment. Learn how to analyse your creativity in HubSpot to capture the audience's attention. Let’s make sure you’re not putting money down the drain on low-performing ads.

Don’t miss this HubSpot User Group event if you want to maximise your ad campaigns in HubSpot.


  • Ryan Jones

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  • Olivier Maennel

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  • Ryan Jones

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  • Sam Hutchinson

    Content Specialist

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