HubSpot x Video: A Dynamic Duo

Wed, Apr 27, 3:00 PM (ACST)

About this event

Video marketing is set to take centre stage, are you ready?

Join Ryan, Rubina, and Carol as we show you how to get the best out of video in HubSpot. Video marketing is fast becoming the future, with many marketers around the world realising that videos can capture the attention of consumers. As a result, it’s soon going to become impossible to avoid including video in your campaigns.

We'll talk about HubSpot’s media bridge is changing the game for HubSpot users looking to implement video in their campaigns. Media bridge allows users to integrate video into their campaigns with an intuitive and simple drag and drop editor.

Rubina will then show you how to truly take advantage of data in your video marketing process, showing you how to access metrics, workflow actions, list criteria and so on.

Finally, Carol will show you how to get creative with your videos and set up your campaigns to attract a new and engaged audience. 




  • Ryan Jones

    Ryan Jones

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  • Rubina Carlson

    Rubina Carlson

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