The Big HubSpot Recap of 2022

Dec 15, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 AM


On our final HUG event of the year, Rubina and Ryan will take a deep dive into HubSpot in 2022 to give you all their inside and unfiltered thoughts on how HubSpot has done in 2022.

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About this event

As HubSpot Partners, the Refuel team uses HubSpot every day to get results for clients. To keep up to date with the needs of businesses around the world, HubSpot is always making changes to improve the customer experience and keep HubSpot users at the cutting edge.

HubSpot’s always making changes to the platform. Some of them are great and much needed updates, while others are seen as less great and less needed. 


  • Ryan Jones

    Refuel Creative


  • Rubina Carlson

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    Digital Marketing Manager


  • Ryan Jones

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    HUG Leader

  • Sam Hutchinson

    Content Specialist

  • Ellie Robinson

    Business Development Manager


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