Leveling Up: How to Launch Your Business [3-Day Workshop Series]

Jun 14, 2022, 4:00 PM – Jun 16, 2022, 5:30 PM

Join our first-ever workshop series! Are you trying to make the leap to full-time entrepreneur or just curious about how to scale that side-hustle? This workshop is for you. Our 3-day Leveling Up workshops cover everything from developing and executing your go-to-market strategy, hiring outstanding talent, and funding your business. Join us June 14 - 16 from 12:00 - 1:30 pm est.

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About this event

In this 3-day workshop, you'll learn directly from experts at Project Capital Connect LLC, HireRunner, and the 10k Project on the ins and outs of starting and scaling your business. Sign up for this series and join each 1.5 hour session to learn how to start your business from funding, to marketing, and more! 


Developing and Executing Your Go-to-Market Strategy | Tuesday, June 14, 2022 from 12PM to 1:30PM ETDavid Hobbs from Project Capital

Go-to-market strategy - finds and persuades the people most likely to benefit. A go-to-market strategy is a plan for how to launch a new product/service or grow an existing product/service in a new market. Different companies need to consider and prioritize different elements depending on their business model, how they are organized and financed. A good go-to-market strategy is designed to mitigate risk and maximize return on investment (ROI)

  • Define your Why – Do you have the grit needed to persevere?
  • Making your Avatar Connection – will they take your call?
  • Your product/service’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Crafting a creative tagline – what does my business stand for?
  • Elevator Pitch – what problem(s) does your product/service solve?
  • Where can I find warm business prospect leads?


Hiring Outstanding Talent | Wednesday, June 15, 2022 from 12PM to 1:30PM ETMelanie Jones from HireRunner

Making the right hire at the right time is critical to your startup’s success and ability to scale. According to research, hiring mistakes and missteps are among the top reasons for startup failure. The talent you hire, and how to most effectively attract and retain them, is too important to neglect or leave to chance.

During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Understanding the key roles to hire and when to hire
  • Defining and aligning your company’s culture for candidates
  • Discovering and highlighting your competitive advantage in the hiring marketplace
  • The importance of high skills + high values hires
  • Hiring mistakes to avoid
  • Onboarding and employee development 


How to Get Funding For Your Business | Thursday, June 16, 2022 from 12PM to 1:30PM ET | Cheree Warrick from 10k Project

It costs money to start and grow a business. Whether you're launching a cool new app or manufacturing a vegan food product, most businesses and most entrepreneurs require at least a little bit of funding to really get off the ground in their early days. Once open, businesses also need funds to grow to multi-millions or multi-billions in revenues. During this session, we'll discuss your funding options and the best time to pursue those options.

Determine how much funding you'll need

    • Funding options for startups (lean startup funding)
    • Finding business grants for your small business
    • Using crowdfunding to raise up to $5 million
    • Getting funded when you have poor credit
    • The best time to approach venture capitalists
    • And more


  • Cheree Warrick

    10K Project


  • David Hobbs

    Atlantic Union Bank

    Vice President, FSC Manager/Relationship Manager

  • Melanie Jones

    Hire Runner

    Director of Customer Success & Growth


  • Shana Sumers


    Senior Manager, DEI&B Communities

  • Kassandra Mendes


    Senior Marketing Manager, DEI&B Programming

  • Kyle Foster


    Senior Marketing Manager, DEI&B Community Growth