Boosting Customer Engagement with HubSpot: SMS Marketing & Sales Automation

Oct 6, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 AM

Does your current marketing and sales efforts feel lacklustre? Perhaps you understand the power of your product or service but are struggling to engage and convert your people? With an open rate of 94% and the highest CTR among Paid Media, SMS marketing has become a must-have in driving a positive ROI when converting leads to paying customers. This HUG details how to set up your own SMS campaign!

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About this event

Elon Musk once said, "We are already a cyborg because we are so well integrated with our phones and our computers. The phone is almost like an extension of yourself. If you forget your phone, it's like a missing limb." 

Currently, 96% of marketers using text messages say SMS marketing helps drive revenue. Whether you're sceptical or just on the fence, the stats are too good to ignore. Integrating an SMS channel within your marketing and sales strategy provides a new, personal way to engage with your people. From offering limited-time discounts, receiving reviews to fine-tune your product or service, to following up with prospective leads on products they have lingering in their cart, there's a hub of possibilities to nourish your customer base.

Joining Neighbourhood for this HUG is AJ Gajelli, ex-HubSpot now SMS advocate and Partnerships Manager from MessageMedia - a mobile messaging solution that helps businesses of all sizes integrate an SMS strategy to better connect with customers. 

The TL;DR - you'll learn:

✅ How to integrate SMS marketing & sales into your strategy

✅ The benefits of utilising HubSpot with an SMS channel to nurture leads

✅ Developing an SMS campaign from start to finish

✅ Streamlining your internal processes through efficient automation

Register for FREE to begin driving your return on investment for your marketing and sales efforts. We go live on Thursday, 10AM AEST on the 6th of October. 


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