Lead Scoring Made Easy: Convert & Engage More Qualified Leads

May 26, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 AM

Approaching the right leads at the right time with the right content has become a formula difficult to master. Neighbourhood's Head of Growth and Digital Strategist, Trav and Geordie, team up to break down how a best practice agency scores, engages and connects with leads at every stage of their journey to nurture and convert more.

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About this event

Are you looking to convert more by doing less? We get it... it may look like a gimmick but nurturing your leads to become qualified customers shouldn't drain your resources by becoming a game of cat and mouse. It's worth asking, what scoring system are you using to qualify leads (if any)? And, at what point are your leads no longer an MQL or SQL that you expend time and energy on...?

On May 26th, Thursday 10AM AEST, Neighbourhood dives into the essentials of marketing and selling smarter to your leads by detailing their levels of engagement and how to rank them using Fibonacci Sequencing. Now before you get the jitters from the name Fibo-whatnow, it's a super simple numbering process so you can easily define your leads and nurture them smarter, not harder. Trav and Geordie give your Marketing and Sales departments a lot to chew on so you can start offering potential customers value at every touchpoint.

"Alright, you've got my attention but what will I actually gain from this HUG?"

In TL;DR terms, both your Sales and Marketing departments will gain a clear understanding of:

- Tools and tips to clearly qualify your leads as an SQL and MQL
- How to rank leads based on their level of engagement with your content using Fibonacci Sequencing
- How to convert more through trialled and tested best sales practices
- Developing engaging and influential content at every stage of your lead's journey

(Bonus: Neighbourhood's FREE downloadable Lead Scoring guide included)


  • Trav White


    Head of Growth

  • Geordie Roberts


    Digital Strategist


  • Trav White


    HUG Leader

  • Brie Ginman

    Neighbourhood Co.

    HUG Community Manager


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