Service Hub for Contract Manufacturers: Use Cases, Ideas, and How-tos

May 25, 2023, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Discover out-of-the-box solutions for your process bottlenecks using the power of HubSpot’s Service Hub and be entered to win 5 free hours of Service Hub consulting from our team.

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About this event

HubSpot’s Service Hub isn’t just a tool to address customer complaints; it can be a powerful engine to help you scale your business, track and automate processes, and increase cross-team collaboration and transparency… if you get creative.

In this HUG event, we’ll discuss the different ways we’ve leveraged Service Hub for our clients and how you can get started doing the same for your business.

If you could use a better solution in the following areas, don’t miss this opportunity:

  • Post-sale account management
  • Running engineering processes in tandem with sales
  • Tracking and running engineering processes (drawings, progress, approved changes, etc.)
  • Automated customer communication for milestones
  • Process management
  • Surveys & knowledge bases 

Everyone who attends the live event will be entered to win 5 free hours of service hub consulting from our team, so don’t wait - register today!

Join us to explore the different ways you can use Service Hub to combat your process bottlenecks, run your business more efficiently, and serve your customers better.


  • Josh Curcio

    protocol 80, Inc.


  • Connor Beck


    Machine Reliability Specialist, Customer Care


  • Josh Curcio

    protocol 80, Inc.

    HUG Leader

  • Holly P. McCully

    protocol 80

    VP of Client Success

  • Rachel Rodgers

    Inbound Marketing Specialist


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