Visualizing your customer Journey with Hubspot and Guest Presenter Jill Langer of Bikablo

Thu, May 27, 2021, 1:00 PM (ADT)

About this event

Understanding your customer journey is a capstone to any successful Inbound Marketing Initiative. This fun interactive workshop combines the powerful insights from a Hubspot Customer Journey Workshop and hands on visualization skills presented by Jill Langer, Bikablo Certified Global Trainer for Canada.

In this 90-minute workshop we’ll cover:

 The essentials of how to create a customer journey map as a visual representation of the stages a customer goes through with your company.

 How to enhance this journey map with simple but powerful hand drawn visuals that really tell a story

 How the power of simple hand drawn visuals enriches your Marketing strategies

 How to get started with visualization in your marketing efforts.

Come ready to learn about the power of a Customer Journey Map, to think outside the box, and pick up a marker and really see your customer’s journey map unfold.

Guest Presters: Jill Langer

Bikablo Certified Global Trainer for Canada

Jill is process professional with more than a decade of experience planning, designing, and facilitating training, workshops, and programs.

She believes that drawing and visualization is about communicating and sharing ideas and that anyone has the ability to learn these basic skills. She empowers people to use drawing and visualization to solve problems and build better solutions.

Jill is a certified Bikablo Global Trainer based in Calgary.

What is Bikablo?

bikablo is a pioneer, laboratory and training center for hand-drawn visualization. They share new images and visual methods with the world, provide exceptional learning experiences, and create communities of visualizing people.

Please note, we are using new software for this event, Bevy!  When signing up you will be asked to connect your Hubspot Account to Bevy.  Please reach out if you have any questions 


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