Sales and Marketing Alignment - a Systematic Approach

Apr 30, 10:00 – 11:15 AM

Sales: "We need more leads!" Marketing: "We need to convert the leads we've got!" If this frustration feels familiar, you're experiencing classic sales and marketing misalignment. Join us as we look at a proven approach to overcoming this age-old issue of silo working. We'll be considering both a systematic and data-driven approach, and the human elements. Join us!

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About this event

What is good a lead in your organisation? Which leads are priority? What happens to leads?

When sales and marketing give different answers to these questions, or perhaps aren't sure of the answers at all, frustrations build and opportunities are left on the table. Join us for an illuminating session with Cian McLoughlin, HubSpot Principal Customer Success Manager, as we look at that crucial piece of the customer journey in which leads are transferred from marketing to sales. We'll cover:

  • Alignment & internal service level agreements
  • Defining your lead stages
  • Identifying fit & lead qualification
  • Lead scoring & handover

We're also joined by Alex Baines, Managing Consultant at Leverworks, who'll share how to approach potentially tricky conversations with colleagues, and set yourself up for success.

89.1% of companies that aligned sales and marketing reported measurable increases in leads that converted to opportunities. 

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  • Cian McLoughlin


    Principal Customer Success Manager - Strategic accounts

  • Alex Baines


    Managing Consultant


  • Ross Breckenridge


    HUG Leader

  • Hannah Doulton

    Breckenridge Agency

    HubSpot Specialist

  • Rae Hardy-Aitken


    Commercial and People Operations Director