Ask Me Anything: HubSpot University Recruiting Edition!

Aug 24, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 PM

HubSpot Academy wants to introduce you to members of our amazing Emerging Talent team! If you've taken HubSpot Academy Certifications as part of a course or to refresh your skills, chances are you've been curious about roles at HubSpot, but might not have known who to ask. Now is your chance!


About this event

Are you a current student, soon-to-be graduate, or early career professional? Chances are if you've taken a HubSpot Academy Certification you may have had questions about what it's like to work - or interview - at HubSpot, but may not have known who to ask. Now is your chance!

Hosted by the HubSpot Education Partner Program and the Emerging Talent team, this is your opportunity to connect with recruiters, interns, and full-time employees from across the company to learn more about HubSpot, potential career paths, and available opportunities. 

Questions submitted in advance are more likely to be answered, so please submit your questions here! The session will be recorded so if you or a friend can't attend, be sure to still register so that you receive the recording after. 

Registering for this event provides HubSpot with contact information that we may use to reach out to you in the future about recruitment opportunities or to invite you to similar events. We won’t share your information with anyone outside of HubSpot, which includes our Cambridge, MA, USA office. We may keep the information you submitted for up to three years (don’t worry though, spam isn’t our thing). If you’d like to know more about how we use your personal data please review our Recruiting Privacy Notice here.


  • Chrissy Damasco


    University Recruiter, Sales

  • Jasmine Tran

    HubSpot, University of Connecticut '22

    Associate Recruiter, People Operations; People Operations Intern (2021)

  • Omar Rodriguez

    Suffolk University

    HubSpot Intern (2022); Marketing Program Associate (2023)

  • Jovoney Morton

    HubSpot, Howard University '21

    Marketing Associate Program (2022); HubSpot Intern (2021)