Ask the Expert Series: The Copywriting Rules You WISH You Had in College with Kate Bradley Chernis

Mar 29, 2022, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Learn how the power of sight and sound can transform your copywriting efforts with Kate Bradley Chernis, copywriting expert, former rock 'n' roll DJ, AI content-creation tech founder, and Lately CEO.


About this event

83% of advertisers rely on sight. But with the explosion of podcasts and Clubhouse copycats, what’s old is new again… and consumers are increasingly rediscovering plain ole sound as a more meaningful, magical source of inspiration. So what makes sound MORE than just noise? And what makes it the most powerful tool in any marketing toolkit, yet also the most ignored? In this session, we’ll explore a world where sound meets text. We'll walk-through the tactical, cliff-notes-styled, audio-inspired writing essentials that will make you lean forward and think, DUH. 

Join HubSpot Academy Professor Crystal King for a powerful conversation with copywriting expert, former rock 'n' roll DJ, and AI content-creation tech founder and Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis to find out the rules she uses in her content to get a 98% sales conversion (not a typo!).


  • Kate Bradley Chernis


    Founder & CEO

  • Crystal King


    Academy Professor