Becoming a HubSpot Admin: 5 Tips from a RevOps Recruiter

Mar 30, 2022, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

The era of the HubSpot admin is nigh! HubSpot is becoming the primary growth platform of choice for many scaling businesses. That means there's an ever-growing need for HubSpot admins. In this three-part series, we explore what it means to become a HubSpot administrator.


About this event

There has never been a better time to specialize in HubSpot as a RevOps professional.

But a HubSpot Admin is more than knowing a piece of technology (while that is the minimum standard). It combines technical prowess, data fluency, continuous improvement, strategic (G2M) competency.

So how do I become a RevOps Professional (and a HubSpot Admin)?

To help navigate the intricacies of “becoming” a RevOps Profesional, we are chatting with the number #1 ranked RevOps Recruiter (as per Google Search) - David Quartemont from RevSearch. He has helped candidates around the world land their dream “RevOps” role.

Join Matt Bolian from RevPartners and David Quartemont as they discuss how emerging Revops professionals can:

  • Upskill and hone their RevOps craft
  • Land their dream RevOps job

We’ll also cover practical tips based on thousands of interviews and roles learned by helping companies hire RevOps professionals:

  • What certifications should a RevOps candidate get and why?

  • What do RevOps Recruiters (and hiring managers) look for in a RevOps application?
  • What are the most important “best practices” to know in a RevOps interview?
  • How data fluent does a RevOps Professional really need to be?
  • What personalities and traits indicate success for a RevOps professional?
  • What questions must a RevOps candidate nail if they want to “stand out” above the crowd?

This is part 2 of a 3 part Webinar series on - Becoming a HubSpot Admin.

Part 1: The 5 Stages of the HubSpot Admin

When? March 3, 2022 (10 AM EST)

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Part 3: 5 Lessons Learned from a HubSpot Admin

When? April 27, 2022 (10 AM EST)

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  • Matt Bolian


    Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

  • David Quartemont


    Founder & RevOps Recruiter


  • Jan Bogaert


    RevOps Marketer


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