Custom Quotes Template Workshop with Aptitude 8

HubSpot Academy
Wed, Feb 2, 2022, 12:00 PM (EST)

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About this event

Join us as we explore the new Quotes functionality offered through the Custom Quotes Template beta. The new Quotes Template product allows you to bring your quotes to a new level; allowing you to better brand and tailor the experience that your prospects will see.

Connor Jeffers and Emily Wingrove of Aptitude 8 will be joined by Tori Elliot Kapas, HubSpot Product Manager for Quotes, to detail the ins and outs of the new Custom Quote Template product. Watch as they show us how we can build them, how we can integrate them with other HubSpot tools as well as giving us some examples they have built. After that, have your questions ready to ask and don't be shy! From development all the way to sales, these folks are passionate about this and know their stuff ‌😉‌

And while you wait for the workshop, check out Aptitude 8's post:

How to Take Advantage of Custom Quote Templates in HubSpot