How College Students Can Kick-start their Career in the HubSpot Ecosystem

Mar 16, 2022, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

HubSpot Academy

Let HubSpot help you - a college student- connect with a Customer or Solutions Partner and complete a short-term project. And, get paid! From working with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you’ll explore different roles and company cultures as you gain professional experience using HubSpot. Note: Only College Students attending US-based institutions are eligible


About this event

HubSpot Academy is collaborating with Parker Dewey to launch the HubSpot Micro-Internship program, which seeks to bridge the gap between college and career and to help students expand their pathways to economic growth and opportunity. Through this program, college students like you have the opportunity to apply to work on short-term (5-20 hours of work) paid professional projects - or micro-internships - with HubSpot Customers and/or Solutions Partners.

Not only does this provide you access to companies within the HubSpot ecosystem, it also offers students the chance to engage with these same companies for future full-time roles and summer internships.

These students will be paid $350 per project, and can sign up for as many projects as they'd like. Check out more details here.


  • Kristin Schrader

    Parker Dewey

    Director of Partnerships


  • Julia Gueron


    Manager, Education Partner Program