HubSpot Tools to Ensure Successful CRM Adoption

Mar 27, 3:00 – 3:45 PM

So you understand the methodology and psychology around adoption, but what tools should you be using in your portal to drive it forwards? And more importantly, guarantee long-term success. We've got you covered in this hands-on HubSpot demonstration of our top reports, tools and features.


About this event

HubSpot is getting smarter everyday, so make sure you're utilising it. 

Dive into the wealth of inbuilt tools and features HubSpot has on offer to bolster your CRM adoption journey and continue the success beyond the initial kick-off. Join us in this session as we answer these questions:

- What reports do you need to manage adoption?

- What reports do you need to track success?

- What tools should you be using for each stage of the process?

Our masterclass offers a hands-on demo of recommended tools and reports, providing you with actionable insights and the chance to ask any questions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your CRM adoption to new heights!


  • Chris Grant

    HubSpot Consultant


  • Bridget Pyne


    Marketing Manager


  • Bridget Pyne


    HUG Leader