Partner User Groups (PUGs) Office Hours

Mar 12, 2:00 – 2:30 PM

Are you thinking about joining a PUG? Want to know more about being a PUG Champion? Join this event to get all your questions answered!

About this event

Partner User Groups, affectionately referred to as PUGs, are HubSpot’s peer-to-peer networking groups for partners, by partners. PUGs are open to solution partners, providers, and app partners! In your PUG, you’ll meet partners who face similar challenges to you — whether that’s hiring through phases of uncertainty, creating efficient org charts, or selling and servicing HubSpot. Collaborate on new ways to crush a challenge at your business, all while making meaningful connections in the partner community.


PUG Member

  • Attend each virtual monthly meeting.
  • Actively participate in discussions and contribute ideas on how to solve problem-based topics.
  • Be active in the PUGs Community space.
  • Connect at HubSpot-sponsored in-person Super PUG events in your respective region.

PUG Champion 

  • Plan monthly meetings, including topic selection and scheduling.
  • Host monthly meetups and facilitate conversations between partners.
  • Share a debrief on the meeting in the PUGs Community space, and engage with members.

Join this session to get all of your questions answered! If you're ready to apply, visit the PUG landing page here.


  • Arika Johnson


    Associate Marketing Manager