HubSpot Office Hours [Virtual]

May 5, 2023, 7:00 – 8:30 PM


This is a Q&A format where you can get any of your HubSpot CRM, Marketing, or Ops Hub related questions answered.

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About this event

At our HubSpot Office Hours, we'll answer any questions you have about:

* Fixing HubSpot integration and migration issues,

* Properly set up your data and reporting in HubSpot,

* Simplifying your processes inside/outside of HubSpot,

* Improving your HubSpot execution, or

* Your CRM, Marketing, or Ops Hubs.

After the Q&A, we'll discuss the HubSpot platform update the attendees want to hear about the most from our resident HubSpot Champion, Justin Givens


  • Justin Givens

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    Director of Possibilities


  • Justin Givens

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    HUG Leader

  • Michelle Givens

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    HUG Event Planner


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