Strategies for A/B testing with HubSpot Marketing Hub

Tue, Mar 29, 10:00 AM (SAST)

A/B testing allows you to use data to optimise your campaign performance. In this upcoming HUG, Luke Marthinusen, CEO and Founder of MO Agency shows you how he uses HubSpot's A/B testing tools to get the most out of his campaigns.

About this event

Why join?

Join us for an insightful morning session about all things related to A/B testing in HubSpot Marketing Hub. We all know that HubSpot Marketing Hub has A/B testing tools, and maybe we even use some of them. You can learn how they work in the HubSpot Knowledge base. So in this HUG - Luke, CEO and Founder of MO Agency shares his personal A/B testing strategies that he uses in his own HubSpot Marketing Hub campaigns.


We'll cover how to A/B test landing pages, emails, CTA's, and even workflows. How long to run your tests? What should you be testing? Where should you start? And much more. 

Event format

The format will be a 45 min presentation followed by a Q&A. So please come prepared with a question, problem or even an idea. 



Tuesday, Mar 29
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (SAST)


  • Luke Marthinusen

    Luke Marthinusen

    MO Agency