Understanding and working with Sales is the key to better Marketing

Tue, May 25, 9:00 AM (UTC)

About this event

A marketers job does not end once a lead in marketing qualified. The critical point in the close phase is where marketing can most effectively hand off qualified leads to sales, so that they can be closed into customers. Join us as we discuss the interplay between the two and how to make the process work better.

This event will cover

  • How to qualify leads as marketing
  • How to qualify leads as sales
  • The interplay between the two and how to make it work better
  • Practical examples in HubSpot
  • Results and reporting

If you are in marketing bring a salesperson with you so you can work better together.


  • Luke Marthinusen

    MO Agency


  • Darren Leishman


    Managing Director


  • Luke Marthinusen

    MO Agency

    HUG Leader

  • Tyla Pieterse

    HUG Manager