Optimizing Your Content For An Effective SEO Strategy

Tue, Sep 14, 10:00 AM (EDT)

In this virtual HUG, our experts will cover the importance of Search Engine Optimization and how to go beyond simple keyword strategies. Google's not just looking at your title tags and H1's anymore. Learn how to optimize your content so you can get improved search engine results!

About this event


Every business can benefit from an SEO strategy. Search engines are constantly changing how and what is key to showing up at the top of the search engine results page. To help keep up with the times, the team at InVerve Marketing will be reviewing how to put together a kick-ass on-page SEO strategy to meet the current requirements and help your organic ranking game.


  • The evolution of search engines.
  • What is a topic cluster and how does it apply to your site's architecture.
  • How to leverage a pillar page strategy.
  • How to embrace media within your strategy.
  • Content creation - starting from scratch versus repurposing what you've got.

So join us on Tuesday, September 14th at 10:00am EST for our next HubSpot User Group meet-up! 


  • Chad Munce

    Chad Munce

    WLNS-TV, WLAJ-TV, The CW, WLNS.com

    Digital Sales Manager

  • Olivia Mcdonald

    Olivia Mcdonald

    InVerve Marketing

  • Stephen Criss

    Stephen Criss

    InVerve Marketing

  • When

    Tuesday, Sep 14
    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)


  • Angelique DuPhene

    Angelique DuPhene

    InVerve Marketing

    HUG Leader

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  • Angelique DuPhene

    Angelique DuPhene

    InVerve Marketing

    HUG Leader

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  • Lisa Ellen Smith

    Lisa Ellen Smith

    InVerve Marketing


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  • Jennifer Sleeper

    Jennifer Sleeper

    InVerve Marketing

    Marketing & Sales Manager

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