Your Ultimate Guide to Operations Hub

Jun 29, 2022, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

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HUGOperations Hub

About this event

On June 29, at 3pm, we invite you to participate in a free and exclusive webinar for the HubSpot User Groups community. In this webinar, find out the ultimate guide to Operations Hub. As our guest, we'll be having Ari Plaut, Principal Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

Operational efficiency is the key to sustainable growth, and to a smooth customer experience. That's why HubSpot recently launched its fifth (and newest!) hub, Operations Hub. 

In this session, you'll get the full scoop on HubSpot's newest product line. Expect to walk away with:

- The ability to set up 100+ new HubSpot-built integrations with popular SaaS apps

- Tricks for cleaning up data in HubSpot

- Inspiration for new, creative HubSpot automated workflows

- Tips for better reporting in HubSpot

- and more

We'll see you there!

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  • Ari Plaut


    Principal Product Marketing Manager


  • Sara Gouveia


    HUG Leader & Customer Success

  • Marco Frizzo

    Inbound Marketing Consultant

  • Joana Alegria

    Inbound Marketing Consultant

  • Madalena Lopes

    Inbound Marketing Consultant


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