🎶 Flywheels Keep on Turnin’ - Going from funnel to flywheel with HubSpot

Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 PM UTC

When you align your success with your customers, you create delight, loyalty, and love from the people who matter most. The Flywheel Model explains the momentum you generate when your entire organization is focused on customer experience. In our March User Group, we will learn more about the Flywheel, and actually walk out with our own company's Flywheel ready to set in action!

About this event

Bring your lunch. Bring your colleagues. And let's explore flywheels together!

In this event, we will look at the concept at a high level, but also roll our sleeves up and get working on our own Flywheels. Together, we will answer these questions (and many more):
* What happens to the funnel now?
* How to generate force to add momentum to your Flywheel
* How to identify and minimize the friction that is slowing your Flywheel
* How to use HubSpot's tools to best leverage the Flywheel