Sparking Joy from HubSpot: How to Tidy Up Your Portal

Aug 19, 2021, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Audit your HubSpot portal to lower cost, improve reliability, reduce errors, and increase performance - learn how to do it in this interactive HubSpot User Group. Join Us >

About this event

Does logging into your HubSpot portal spark joy or horror?


HubSpot grows, as more of your team members use it, as your company scales, your portal can easily become cluttered with outdated and unused information.

Sifting through duplicates, unused items, disorganized files, and other junk is frustrating and increases the chance for human error. Relying on unreliable data is a recipe for disaster. And as unengaged contacts amass, so do your HubSpot fees.

In this virtual HUG we'll show you how to audit and tidy up your portal - which can lower cost, reduce errors, and increase performance.

We'll cover:

  • WHY it is important to conduct regular audits of your HubSpot portal
  • WHAT you should prioritize auditing within your portal
  • HOW to go about performing your audit and cleaning up your HubSpot portal

We will provide you with theory, instruction, and hands-on resources to begin your audit right away.


Please note:
When registering for HUG events on the Bevy platform you will be prompted to log in with your HubSpot account. Bevy is a secure and trusted platform that integrates directly with your HubSpot portal, ensuring only HubSpot users participate in HubSpot User Group events.


  • Savannah Mozingo


    Senior Customer Success Manager


  • Lital Barkan

    MTR Marketing



  • Lital Barkan

    MTR Marketing

    HUG Leader

  • Christina Reyes

    EVP, Strategy

  • Michael Emory

    Executive Director


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