Uncovering opportunities with HubSpot Reporting

Pharmaceutical (UK)
Wed, May 26, 2021, 10:00 AM (BST)

About this event

Join us on May 26 for our first ever global Pharmaceutical HUG session. Alma Ayala, HubSpot Customer Success Manager in Data Analytics joins us for a deep dive into the ever-evolving HubSpot reporting features. We'll cover the latest updates to analytics, discuss the custom report builder and attribution reporting, so you can gain more value from your data.

10:00AM Introduction to Pharmaceutical HUG

with Jamie Clifton

Jamie introduces the brand new Pharmaceutical HUG and the exciting plans we have for Pharmaceutical HUG members in 2021! He will outline fundamental industry challenges for client facing teams and discuss how HubSpot can support.

10:05AM Latest updates from HubSpot

with Alma Ayala

A brief check in with Alma on the latest HubSpot product updates you won't want to miss including Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and of course, the all new Operations Hub release!

10:15AM Reporting deep dive: create a story with data

with Alma Ayala

The HubSpot reporting capabilities continue to evolve and as they do, you'll want to not only keep up, but stay ahead of the curve by getting the most value from your companies investment in HubSpot. Alma will help you answer those basic questions and tell better stories with your data in the future, while touching on best practices.

10:40AM Case studies & additional resources

Here we will look further into relevant industry use cases and relevant resources that you can take away and roll out some of the advice and talking points from the HUG meeting.

10:45AM Q&A

Alma and Jamie will join a Q&A session to discuss the topics further, sharing relevant insights and answering HUG members questions. We'll also look ahead to our next Pharmaceutical HUG

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Wednesday, May 26
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (BST)