How to nail your positioning and win more business with April Dunford

Feb 21, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

April Dunford has been called the Queen of Positioning by some people and her no nonsense approach to getting to the point has returned great reviews for teams in product, sales and marketing. We can't wait to dive into the core tenants of positioning and how that can help your product or your agency niche down and grow in your vertical.

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About this event

April Dunford is a published author and recognised expert on positioning products and services. Her book "Obviously Awesome - How to Stand out in Noisy Crowded Markets" sits on my bookshelf and on my Audible subscription. 

Having met April personally, I can affirm that she has a great sense of humour to match her drive for success and is engaging and forthcoming with her answers. That makes for a great conversation and a lot of shared knowledge.

Her career spans executive roles in a series of successful startups as CEO, COO, VP of Marketing and VP of Marketing and Sales and has also held executive roles at global companies such as IBM where April launched and grew a new product division.

This event will focus on what positioning is, how you apply it and in turn how you can use it to leverage your own success and that of your customers.


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