Why Competitive Intelligence is necessary for a successful strategy for growth

Jan 31, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Ashleigh Eisinger is a Competitive Intelligence Analyst at HighSpot. I asked Ashleigh to join us to discuss how a CI strategy can be effectively used in your business and provide the tips and insights into how you roll it out and execute on it. Tate Moeller is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Datamaran, having worked with Tate I know how thorough and applied she is to her role.

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About this event

If you are in product marketing, you will understand the importance of a competitive intelligence strategy for your scaling B2B SaaS or Fintech companies, especially in competitive verticals.

For agencies, Competitive Intelligence is a key part of marketing sales and customer success. In fact, as agencies, we have to perform CI within the onboarding and strategic development for our clients, so it's a must-see event to learn from the specialists inside the industry.

Ashleigh will discuss her experience and how you can leverage her approach at Highpoint to begin your company's fundamentals.

Tate will talk about her work at Datamaran in the competitive research space and how her findings have helped shape the platform's go-to-market and future product plan.

Here's some more background. Tate Moeller is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Datamaran, a leading ESG software providing business intelligence and C-level infrastructure to global corporations aiming to improve their financial and societal impact by incorporating rising ESG concerns into plans for future growth. Tate is based in the US, collaborating daily with their London and Spain offices. As the leader of Product Marketing, she is the internal voice of their clients and market and, externally, the voice of their product. She leads Datamaran’s Sales Enablement, GTM process, persona development, positioning and messaging and regularly communicates with clients and cross-functional teams to ensure the voice of their customers is prioritized throughout the business.

Prior to Datamaran, Tate spent 7 years guiding for-profit entities toward a more sustainable, low-carbon future through innovative solutions ranging from biopolymer-based plastic alternatives to AI-automated building efficiency software. Tate is Certified in Product Marketing and holds a Bachelor of Science in Food and Agricultural Business and Sustainability Studies from the University of Minnesota and an MBA in Sustainable Innovation from the University of Vermont’s Grossman School of Business.


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