Build or refine your Sales Pipeline

Nov 24, 2022, 2:00 – 3:00 AM

Define your sales process, Build or refine a pipeline (deal stages) to match your sales process, Customise deal stages, and forecast and report aligned to your pipeline

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About this event

Build or refine your sales pipeline (Part 5)

Learn to build or refine your Sales Pipeline to match, Customise deal stages as well as forecast.

Each session is intended for 30 minutes but may vary based on audience participation:

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Hug 5 - Build or refine your Sales Pipeline. 

  • Defining a Sales Process
  • Building or refining a pipeline (deal stages) to match your sales process
    • How many pipelines should I have?
    • Custom properties vs pipelines
    • How to define and manage the difference between SQL and Opportunity
    • Leads vs opportunity - when should leads go to sales - lead to opportunity hand off
  • Customising Deal stages
    • Sales content relating to Deal stages
    • Custom properties I should be using on deals OR pre-sale to manage leads
  • Pipeline and Deal-based workflows.
  • Products + Product library + Quoting in HubSpot Sales
  • Forecasting and reporting aligned to pipeline
    • Knowing and managing your pipeline Numbers
    • SQL > Opportunity > customer
    • Conversion metrics
    • Marketing and sales alignment

Who is this HUG best suited for?

This HubSpot User Group (HUG) is aimed at beginners and advanced users, alike, at Sales teams, all team members included; sales managers, sales reps and business development. Attend one or all of the HUG sessions in the 3 part series, the choice is yours and each HUG length depends on audience participation and engagement

Is there any prerequisite for attending the sessions of this HUG event?

No. You may get better value of your time attending after identifying what your sales process formally is and giving thought to your sales process stages and what you do at each step of your sales process. Plot your lead qualification process. How do you currently qualify leads? Think about Who does What currently to create and close a sale and What is taking place at each stage?

For additional Q/A regarding the HUG series please visit the Lupo HUG page 


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