The sales tools that organise for you in HubSpot (Part 2).

Jun 7, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 AM

Explore how to develop your organisations skills and better perform on a daily basis using Hubspot sales tools, to do more, with less, everyday.

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About this event

Using sales tool to effectively manage your day to day using HubSpot (Part 2)

Explore how to develop your organisations skills and better perform on a daily basis using HubSpot sales tools, to do more, with less, everyday.

This HUG is part 2 of a 3 part HUG mini-series, Sales & CRM ANZ, Developing your Sales Operating System...using HubSpot. 

Each session is intended for 30 minutes but may vary based on audience participation:

Who is this HUG best suited for?

This HubSpot User Group (HUG) is aimed at beginners and advanced users, alike, at Sales teams, all team members included; sales managers, sales reps and business development. Attend one or all of the HUG session in the 3 part series, the choice is yours and each HUG length depends on audience participation and engagement.

What is included in each HUG event over this series?

An overview

Session Part 1 - Know your deals (COMPLETED - 9th December 2021)

  • Pipeline setup and probability to close
  • Reverse engineering your numbers
  • CRM and Custom properties
  • Forecasting and tools

Session Part 2 - Organisation is key (7th June 2022)

  • Tasks tool and queues (views)
  • Logs and notes
  • The 'Today view'
  • Sequences

Session Part 3 - Tracking and reporting for every level (TBD)

  • Key metrics every sales person must have on their dashboard
  • manager-level
  • rep-level

Is there any prerequisite for attending the sessions of this HUG event?

No. You may get better value of your time attending after identifying what your sales process formally is and giving thought to your sales process stages and what you do at each step of your sales process. Plot your lead qualification process. How do you currently qualify leads? Think about Who does What currently to create and close a sale and What is taking place at each stage?

If you don't know these or are not sure how to begin or where to begin, no problem, these sessions are perfect for you, too.

These sessions will help you build or further develop your knowledge, skill and ability to grow your current pipeline and related processes.

Homework from session part 1

Catch up on part 1 in the slide deck and video here. Incase you missed it, it would be helpful to arrive at part 2 with the homework complete:

  • Pipeline stages
  • Identifying best fit
  • Personas
  • Numbers - set your goals and KPIs for
  • the business
  • team members
  • Custom properties
  • Reporting metrics


Through the series we have prepared a 'fictional' business case to use to demonstrate the messages and content as a 'crash-test' dummy.

However, we'd prefer a real life business case we can inspect, dissect and improve, in real-time, together. This could be an amazing opportunity for one business to inherit an optimised sales operating system, as an outcome, over the course of the series. We are totally against lead sourcing from events like this versus genuine help and caring so this offer is 180% not to collect leads and is not a call-out to fill in a form and be solicited. With no strings attached, nothing to loose but 180% to gain, if you'd like to submit your business's sales operating system as the case we can take on and aim to live-fix, send an email to, titled: Sales & CRM ANZ HUG Business Case #1 for a chance to be selected and replacing our 'fictional' business case. We will need to understand micro context and background to ensure your business case fits the HUG sessions and will benefit from a makeover, pipeline and related setup review and adjustment. This will only require 15 minutes on one Zoom call.

What to expect? Never attended a virtual Hug before?

HUGs are a 'safe space', a place where any HubSpot user feels at home learning, asking questions, contributing knowledge and feeling welcome. It's an extended community of the HubSpot ecosystem for HubSpotters, HubSpot Solutions Partners, Integration partners and most importantly any and every HubSpot user. We run through compelling business and use-cases, we engage together, we thrive from collaborative involvement and participation with time to learn, time to grow, time to share and time to make friends.


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  • Glenn Miller

    Lupo Digital

    Director, Growth Strategy & Customer Experience

  • Danielle Jones


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  • Danielle Jones


    Channel Account Manager ANZ

  • Glenn Miller

    Lupo Digital

    Director, Growth Strategy & Customer Experience


  • Glenn Miller

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