Product Led Growth in Hubspot: Strategies for Success

Jun 28, 2023, 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Can SaaS companies use the HubSpot CRM to scale? Short answer: Yes. HubSpot provides a comprehensive CRM platform that SaaS companies can leverage to implement Product-Led Growth strategies and drive scalable growth. By utilizing HubSpot's features and integrating it into your overall PLG approach, you can enhance user onboarding, engagement, and retention.

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About this event

Join us for "Product Led Growth in Hubspot: Strategies for Success" on June 28th at 10:30AM EST to learn from Shadab Khan, RevOps Product Manager at RevPartners, as he provides insights into how to implement a product-led approach to HubSpot. 

What To Expect:

Part 1: Understanding Product-Led Growth

Part 2: Exploring HubSpot CRM for SaaS Scaling

Part 3: Implementing PLG with HubSpot CRM

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  • Shadab Khan


    RevOps Product Manager


  • Will Smith

    HUG Leader


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