TRUE NORTH: CRM Adoption & A Framework To Make it Reality

May 17, 2023, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

In partnership with HubSpot HUGs, Supered Matt Bolian, Founder & CEO, will be hosting a virtual event on all things CRM and adoption related.

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About this event

Join us on Wednesday, May 17th at 11am EST and learn how you can make all of your CRM adoption dreams a reality

Part 1: The Importance of CRM Adoption

  • Defining CRM and its role in driving revenue
  • Importance of CRM adoption: Process, Multiplicative Effect
  • Common challenges and roadblocks to CRM adoption

Part 2: Strategies for Successful CRM Adoption

  • Key factors for successful CRM adoption
    • Adoption Questions
    • Adoption Tactics
    • Adoption Characteristics
    • Adoption Detractors
  • How to track and measure CRM adoption success

Part 3: Framework To Make It A Reality 

  • “CREDIT” (Formerly CREIT: Celebrators, Reminders, Inspectors, Enforcers, Trainers)
  • Lessons learned and best practices from these examples

Can't wait to see you there 🚀


  • Matt Bolian


    Founder & CEO


  • Will Smith

    HUG Leader


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