HubSpot vs Salesforce vs MS Dynamics: Choosing the right CRM in 2023

Thu, Nov 24, 1:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

Choosing CRM software is a large investment for any business, which is why it's so important to consider all aspects before making a decision. In this session, we compare three of the top CRM software providers out there: HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. We'll run through the key elements you'll need to consider during the evaluation process, as well as dig into the nitty gritty of each platform and demonstrate examples of everyday CRM tasks within each CRM software. 

Join us for this HubSpot User Group where you'll gain insights into:

  • The key elements to consider during your CRM evaluation process 
  • HubSpot vs Salesforce vs Dynamics: CRM task examples
  • Overview of key findings: Choosing the right CRM for your needs
  • Open Q&A - your questions answered!


  • Daryn Smith



  • Verity Dearsley


    Chief Solutions Officer

  • Anthony O' Connor

    Huble Digital

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Shawn Segundo

    Huble Digital

    Director of HubSpot Consulting - DACH


  • Jessica Packer

    Huble Digital

    Chief Customer Officer


  • Jenna Linley

    Huble Digital

    HUG Leader