Panel: Connecting Sales & Service To Fuel Customer Loyalty

May 17, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 PM

One of the key things your team can do to ensure you're delighting your customers is to connect your sales and service functions. This includes ensuring there is a smooth hand-off process between sales and service teams, creating authentic experiences through genuine, human engagements, and empowering your teams with all of the customer information they need when they need it.

About this event

Uncoordinated handoffs and out of sync teams can leave customers feeling unknown and undervalued. You want to enable your sales and service teams to provide genuine, human interactions at every stage of engagement, creating experiences that leave your customers delighted.

In this panel discussion, members of our HubSpot Consulting team, Sales team, and Business Operations team will be discussing how connecting sales and service is key to unlocking authentic and connected customer experiences that lead to increased customer loyalty.


  • Daryn Smith



  • Jess Gamble

    Huble Digital

    VP of Consulting Services

  • Nikki-Leigh Piper

    Huble Digital

    VP of Business Operations

  • MC Bort

    Huble Digital USA

    VP, Sales

  • Rowley Cubitt

    Huble Digital

    Head of New Business

  • Taryn Schamberger

    Huble Digital

    Senior Sales Hub Consultant

  • Shane Punt


    Lead Marketing Consultant

  • Maria Christoforidou

    Huble Digital

    Senior CX Consultant

  • Katy Byrne

    Huble Digital

    Project Manager