Sales playbooks: The key to sustainable sales success

Aug 18, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 PM

In this HubSpot User Group, we dive into the importance of sales playbooks when driving the growth of your organisation.

About this event

Your company's sales tactics and methodologies need to be tailored to the unique selling points of your offering, as well as the pain points and aspirations of the target customer profile.

Whether you're an established enterprise or you're scaling up, you will constantly be introducing new sales processes, tactics, tools, and KPIs. Yet for most businesses, these aren't effectively documented anywhere, making it impossible to consistently meet or exceed revenue goals. That's where a sales playbook comes in...

In this HubSpot User Group, we'll get into:

-Why sales playbooks are key to constantly meeting sales targets

-How Huble's sales playbook offering has evolved

-What to expect from a tailored sales playbook for your business

-Case studies


  • Alex Enache



  • Daryn Smith




  • Jessica Packer

    Huble Digital

    Chief Customer Officer