Demystifying "Scary" Reporting Tools - Clean Up Your Data for 2023

Dec 15, 2022, 2:00 – 3:15 PM

Do you ever ask yourself "Can I trust my data?" or "Do I have the proper reporting set up to give me visibility into my sales & marketing efforts?". Building your own reports can sometimes be "scary" - but what if it didn't have to be? Join the Toronto HUG & special guest, Jorie Munroe, HubSpot Academy's Senior Inbound Professor, as she demystifies "scary" reporting tools & sets you up for 2023.

About this event

Reporting is one of the most important tools you can use to gain insights into your prospect and customer data which can help you forecast, set goals and really have clear visibility into how your sales and marketing initiatives are resonating with your audience. However, do you ever feel that reporting gets put on the back burner - or perhaps you aren't able to get the visibility that you're looking for into key KPIs?

We are so pleased to invite you to our final HUG of 2022 as we welcome HubSpot's Jorie Munroe! You've definitely seen Jorie during HubSpot Academy sessions as she is one of their Senior Inbound Professors. 

With a passion for reporting, Jorie will be covering a lot of reporting ground during this HUG event. Her goal is to demystify the "scary" reporting tools that you might not quite understand or are uncomfortable using and help set you up in a way where you can feel comfortable cleaning up your data for a fresh start in 2023.

To dive a bit deeper, Jorie will be focusing on the following topics:

- Customer journey reporting

- Data set / custom reporting (Yes, this will include live demos!)

- Pro tips for data cleanliness going into 2023.

*Please note: The date for this event has changed to Dec 15th at 9 AM EST - be sure to update your calendar invite if you've already registered.


  • Jorie Munroe

    HubSpot Academy

    Senior Inbound Professor


  • Julia Tarini

    The Brit Agency

    Director of Inbound Marketing and Client Success



Thursday, December 15, 2022
2:00 PM – 3:15 PM UTC


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  • Julia Tarini

    SummitBound Marketing

    Head of Client Success


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