Mastering CRM Dynamics: Working Your CRM for Optimal Success

Nov 30, 2023, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Dive into CRM essentials with Fausto Briosa at Toronto HUG on Nov 30, 9am ET! Discover best practices and tricks for a robust CRM system

CRMHUGSales and Marketing Alignment

About this event

Join us for the final HUG of 2023!

On Thursday, November 30th at 9 am ET, join the Toronto HUG for an exclusive virtual event with special guest Fausto Briosa, a Principle Customer Success Manager for HubSpot's Strategic Accounts. Part of Fausto's expertise lies in CRM building and optimization, so who better than him to explore the building blocks of an effective and successful CRM setup? Fausto will share some tips and tricks on how to leverage your CRM to its fullest potential, no matter which tier of HubSpot you have. He will also look at how to optimize processes to help align Marketing and Sales, as well as show us how data-driven insights can keep all teams on the right path to success.

So, if you're feeling lost and unorganized in your CRM processes or are looking to get more out of your CRM investment, this event is for you! We want to make sure we are talking about your challenges and experiences, so if you have any specific questions about CRM optimization that you'd like to be included and that you think others will benefit from learning about, please email me at and I will share your question(s) with Fausto!

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  • Fausto Briosa


    Principle Customer Success Manager


  • Julia Tarini

    SummitBound Marketing (formally The Brit Agency)

    Head of Client Services



Thursday, November 30, 2023
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM UTC


Fausto takes the stage


  • Julia Tarini

    SummitBound Marketing

    Head of Client Success


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